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 4 Years Of Mulch

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PostSubject: 4 Years Of Mulch   Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:57 pm

If you mulch heavily for 4 years, in most cases there will be no pests, the plants will be so well nourished that they will develop their own immunizin systems and insect repellents.

Exceptions? Sure. The number, 4 years is a rough number, and it also depends upon how well the plant species is suited for the place where it is growin, the quality of the mulch, how fast did it rot (temperature and other factors), and other variables.

This is less labor-intensive than compostin. However, if it is done near to a habitation, then you can't use all the waste materials that you could use in compostin, you can use only inseptic mulch, not, for example the skins or peels of fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Unless you bury them, in which case you would be compostin, wouldn't you?
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4 Years Of Mulch
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